Soulful Dishes



8oz 5.00 16oz 8.00

Mac&Cheese + $1.00
Red Beans & Rice

Fries $3.00

Salads $9.00

+3.00 add Chicken

+6.00 add Blackened Salmon (8oz)

+$6.00 Jumbo Shrimp (6pc)



ATC- Arugola, Tomato, Cucumber

Burgers and Chicken

Served with Fries

The Sammy Burger- A Central Legend $9.00
Lettuce, Onion, Tomato, Pickle, Mayo

The Bulldog Burger $10.00
Sautéed Onions or Mushrooms, Cheese, Special Sauce, and Bacon

Veggie Burger (Beyond Beef) $10.00
Ban Be Substituted for Any Other Burger

Chicken Sandwich Fried or Grilled $11.00
Lettuce, Tomato, Mayo

Build a Burger with Cheese $9.00

Add ons: Mushrooms 50c Egg $1.00 Onions 50c bacon $1.50 Hot Link $2.50

Chicken Tenders
8oz $6.50 16oz 10.00

Def Chef’s Chicken Wings
6pc $8.00 12 pc $14.00


Served With Fries

Catfish 1/2lb $11.00 1lb $16.00

Cod 1/2 lb12.00 1lb $17.00

Jumbo Shrimp 6pc $10.00 12pc $16.00

Big Fish Sandwich $15.00
Choice of Cod or Catfish

Big shrimp sandwich $15.00

Big Fish Sandwich $15.00
Better be Hungry

Blackened Salmon Sandwich $15.00

Def Chef’s Specialty Seafood Platter $17.00
Your choice of Cod or Catfish, Shrimp, Coleslaw or Side Salad